Interesting (and needless) about me

Once upon a time, in a small town near the wonderful Swabian forest, shortly before the 1962 world cup commenced, my mother decided I had been lazing around too long inside her, avoiding the housework, and gave birth to me aged zero! After an all too brief period of playing and getting on the nerves of my two older siblings, my loving parents cast me into the incredible world of school. School may be free but was totally wasted on me! I spent the next twelve hard years infuriating my despairing parents and causing my teachers to have suicidal tendencies!!!

However, we all have our needs and I am no exception so I left school at the age of eighteen and entered the dangerous world of adulthood. I needed a career but what should I do? Despite its universal reputation, I became a police officer.

I have been in the job since 1980 and after many years of restlessness and several departments in and around the Swabian capital Stuttgart, I now hold a post near to my place of residence, (a village of around 8000 inhabitants in the north east of Stuttgart), with the "Consumer Police". My area was food inspection and consumer protection.

Non Baden-Wurttemberg residents are unfortunate as the "Wirtschaftskontrolldienst", or WKD for short, was unique to the residents of this area! The WKD was inaugurated as a specialist department of the Baden-Wurttemberg state police in 1957 with a total of 500 specially qualified officers working in food inspection, consumer and environmental protection. On 2005 the special force was cancelled and the food inspection went over to the District Department.

I usually work from 8am till 4pm so in my off duty time I indulge myself with nerve-racking pastimes, for instance table tennis! As well as playing I am a honorary functionary and a league manager. I am also a passionate motorcyclist and I currently ride a Yamaha XJ600cc Diversion. I suffer a typically occupational disease in that I collect police memorabilia, for instance police hats, patches, model cars and so on. Until now it has been used exclusively to bore, yet irritate my colleagues to death, by cramming the office full of my "stuff" to the point that the office is now too small! I had decided to present my collection to you, my dear "general public"!

Since 2005 the WKD no longer exist, so I had to clear my office and go to the District Administration Office. I'm lucky to find new rooms for my collection at the 2nd Riot Police Department in Goeppingen. But at this time (December 2009) I renovate an old service room in the "Old Town Hall" where I live. I opened my own museum on July 2010.

At the beginning of 2009 I went back to the "police" and do my job at the local police station, especially abuse/fraud and internet crime.

By utilising the navigation bars, you can view all my police hats (about 500 pieces at the moment), my model cars, pictures of my collection of police uniforms and the chronicle of my collection and exhibitions.

Because I am still at the development stage with my new website, many parts will be modified. If you find anything that disappoints or would like to offer advice or criticism, please feel free to contact me and I will do my utmost to address the issue as soon as I possibly can. If collectors find any errors, please contact me and I will correct it a.s.a.p.

I would be very grateful if you would take the time to sign my guestbook.

Special thanks to Mark from the UK for his english translations.

I sure you will find by viewing my sites a pleasant experience........