"Day of open Doors " at the police station Backnang

On 21st September 2002 I placed my collection in the context "day of open doors" at the police station Backnang. My office had to be closed occasionally nearly because of overstocking. Here you find pictures of the entire meeting, as well as my subrange following, to the police's collection exhibition.

On the day of the open door the police in Backnang presented activities, topic conditions and citizen near consultation.
  • police car exhibition
  • pictures for kids on police motorcycle
  • drug abuse restistance
  • weapons and other dangerous articles
  • Right-wing extremism and stranger hostileness
  • Technical safety devices against housing break-down
  • Police in the change of the time, historical uniforms
  • Balloon competition for kids
  • Police quiz (with helicopter round flight! )
  • short travel in the policebus for children
  • Determinations after the accident escape
  • mobile traffic monitoring
  • Road safety approximately around the bicycle
  • Tasks of the "Consumer Police" a.a.e.


Pictures coming soon