Aspacher Polizeimützenmuseum

Since I unfit for my collection the new museum in the Riot Police Department Göppingen, I just asked "my" mayor in my home town Aspach whether there were a room in the "Old City Hall" for a small museum.

Fortunately, there was a room, however, this was unrenovated. I got to leave this room and I only have to made the renovation work (plaster cracks, painting windows, ceilings and walls and the fireplace were covered with an old sheet-rock, etc.). After about two months ago, I was able to move my collection from Göppingen to Aspach.

On 06th July 2010, the museum was inaugurated in the presence of the mayor of Aspach and the chief of the Police Department Waiblingen. Newspaper, radio and television journalists were also present. There are numerous reports of which you will find soon be a link under "press" (only in german).

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